AIR CONDITIONING Thermal expansion valves


TX vales like most other components of your vehicles air conditioning system can fail,

sticking either open or closes and loss of proper metering ability caused by wear or internal failure.


These faults can be caused wrong amount of refrigerant being measured in to the

evaporator; this would lead to improper system operation. This can result in unsatisfactory refrigerant

flow into the system and at worst complete failure of the air conditioning compressor.


We recommend the best way to fix any problems you’re having with your TX valve is to replace with a

brand new TX valve. The only other time you should need to replace your vehicles TX valve is as a

precaution when replacing or repairing the compressor. As the reason for the failure in your vehicles

compressor might have been caused by the TX valve failing and insufficient refrigerant flow and oil return.

So just replacing the compressor and not the TX valve might cause the same problems with your

vehicles air conditioning to happen again.


Here at Kooler Car we check over every air conditioning system component before and after replacing any parts.