Retro Fitting

We strongly recommend if your car is older then a 1994 and/or hasn’t been service since1994 then you should have a retro fit (conversion from R12 gas to R134a gas) done to your vehicle. R134a gas is the new gas used in automotive air conditioning. The new gas is an environmentally friendly gas If your vehicles air conditioning isn’t working 100%, it is most likely leaking harmful and toxic gas into the atmosphere

 What is involved in doing a retrofit?

  • First all the R12 refrigerant is removed using approved recovery equipment.
  • The mineral oil must be removed the air conditioning system components. This can be done be draining each individual component or by flushing the whole system.
  • Next we remove the used accumulator/ Receiver drier and install new replacement accumulator/receiver drier which contains the desiccant designed for R134a systems.
  • Installation of a high pressure cut-off switch may be necessary on some air conditioning systems to ensure compressor durability. If required high pressure cut-off switches installed to ensure your system is performing at its best.
  • R134a service port fittings must be installed when converting a vehicle form a R12 to R134a system.
  • The correct amount of air conditioning lubricant is added to the system. Each vehicle is different and requires a different amount of lubricant.
  • The air conditioning system is evacuated for 30minutes to ensure all components are working at there best.
  • Then we charge the system with the correct amount of R134a again each system is different and requires a different amount of R134a refrigerant and will perform at its best.   
  • Once system is fully charged with R134a gas, we toughly check the system with leak detectors to ensure there are not leaks