air conditioning receiver driers (filter)

Every vehicle that has an air conditioning system has either a receiver drier or

accumulator. It look likes a can with inlet and outlet ports. Usually it is located in the high

pressure section of your system, between the condenser outlet and the expansion valve

inlet but they can also sometimes be connected directly to the condenser. The receiver

drier does three main roles in your vehicles air conditioning system.

  1. The Receiver Drier acts as a storage container for oil and refrigerant when neither is needed in your air conditioning system.
  2. A receiver Drier contains a filter which catches all the debris in your vehicles air conditioning system. Therefore keeping your system clean and cooling for longer.
  3. There is a desiccant material inside the Receiver Drier. The desiccant material is used to absorb the moisture that may have been obtained in your system during  manufacture or last service.  

An excessive amount of moisture in your vehicles air conditioning system can cause

corrosion of the different components in your system, as well as degrade the performance

of your system. If a service is done on your vehicle annually we recommend that the receiver

drier is changed every second visit, to ensure your system is cooling at its best.