The Condenser is the other heat exchanger and one of the main components is

your vehicles air conditioning system. (Its looks very much like a radiator, just a

little bit thinner) Much like a radiator the condenser is constructed with a series

of tubes with fins around them, made from aluminium (traditionally made from

copper/brass). The condenser is located in front of the radiator at the front of your

vehicles engine bay.


There are many things that can go wrong with you air conditioning condenser. Like

the Evaporator the Condenser is susceptible to external blockages, which are

caused by the build up of things like leaves and dust. Your vehicles condensers

are also susceptible to sever internal blockages, after the failure of the air conditioning

compressor. If your compressor has failed metal particles and other debris flow

through your system with the refrigerant, this can quickly create blockages in the

condensers small passages. A simple replacement of the compressor and flush of

the air conditioning system will not remove all the metal particles and debris.

We recommend and have found that the most effective way to ensure removal of

all the metal particles and debris is by replacing the condenser with a brand new one.


Condensers can also suffer form weld or seam failure, resulting is leakages. The

condenser will suffer more physical damage then any other component of an air

conditioning system, as its up front mounting location. Debris like smalls stones

are kicked off the road and into the condenser.  In the majority of circumstance,

leaking, internal blockages or damaged condensers are not repaired or flushed,

but removed and replaces with new units. At Kooler Car we fully assess the

condition of all components in your vehicles air conditioning system and quote

back to you the best and most effective ways to get your vehicle cool 100% again. 


At Kooler Car Air Conditioning we offer a vast range of Condensers to suit almost every vehicle.