Whilst the modern automotive car air conditioning system is both efficient and reliable,

it is a mechanical system, which requires periodical servicing and maintenance in order

to maintain its performance.


Vehicle manufacturers recommend an annual service to maintain the efficiency of the

system and ensure the reliable running of the vehicle. If a service isn’t done on your car

air conditioning system on a regular basis there is a higher risk of system damage or

even a complete breakdown of the whole air conditioning system.


Kooler Car Air Conditioning is the leaders in the automotive air conditioning field and have

a  workshop with the state of the art equipment to effectively and safely service your system

and pro long the life of your vehicles air conditioning.


We offer air conditioning re-gas, Installations of complete air conditioning systems, custom fitting and retro fitting to all vehicle makes and models. We supply, repair and fit Receiver Driers, TX Valves, Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators and manufacture a wide range of pipe, hoses and fittings in house for you.